Whopping 40 Riders out

Written By on April 24, 2018

There were a whopping 40 + riders out last night for the Monday Night Group Ride, I think that is an all-time record. The groups that will be running every Monday Night will be considered Group A, B and C.  For nights when there are 40+ we will have two B groups for safety reasons.  There was some great riding out last night so way to go riders, let’s make this the best season yet.   Showing up is how to make the magic happen!

Tonight is the first Criterium and we have 3 volunteers that have stepped up for the night and we are looking for 4 more to keep the riders safe and get the rocks off the course.  Sign up here.  The race starts at 6:30 so volunteers are needed for 6 pm.  If you are still considering and would like some pointers, let one of the MIVA Board of Directors know and we can arrange some time with one of the veteran crit riders;)

See you on the road!

ps. if you are still needing to sign up do that here. And if a seasons pass is in order you can get that here