Rock City Cycles TT in Full Swing

Written By on April 26, 2018

An amazing turnout tonight for the 1st TT of the year.  26 riders showed up to challenge themselves on the 15k course.  The weather was fantastic with warm temperatures and virtually no wind which lead to some fast times.  It was great to see so many first-timers out on the course tonight: Jan Hamilton, Shannon Cragg, Mary Jo Mace, Erin Biddlecomb, Jack Mace (big shout out to you at 13, crushed your first TT), Thomas Stephen, Stephen Mohan, Fabian Poulin and Jesse Manner.   We know the burning lungs and the late night coughs will have you coming back for more;)  It brought Paul Callow back after two years he missed it so much!

Peter Mogg was the fastest male coming in at 21:24 just over 42km/hour, Ian Hay in 22:38 and James Sage a close 3rd in 22:42.  Two wins for Mr. Mogg this week…someones got a target on their back now!  How aero can you get next week?  Nice work!

Lorrie Baildham was the fasted female tonight at 25:01 nudging Kiyomi Schulz out by a mere 6 seconds who came 2nd and Jamie Olsson has the 3rd fastest time of  26:31.  Looks like Ross is getting the crowd going for the Lorrie and Kiyomi showdown once again!  That’s it, no gloves next week… lol. 

Full results can be found here

Shout out to Ed Smythe for acting as the holder, and to Steve Olsson for volunteering as the turn around marshal.  A big thanks to Patrick Burnham for setup, timing and marking the roads to make sure we got a true 15km!   And thank you, Lorrie, for getting the bones of this email together. 

Remeber to grab a Seasons Pass, it’s worth it!

And you can see all of the registrations HERE


  • – The center-line rule is in effect. Riders must stay as far to the right as practicable. Riders caught crossing the center-line will be disqualified. (When the RCMP came out to crack down on speeding here they noted a few of our riders not staying to the right as well)
  • – There is to be no drafting. Standard TT rules apply, riders must stay 10m behind unless overtaking another rider (5 bike lengths)
  • – Pass only on the left. Common courtesy is to notify the rider by calling out “On your left”.
  • – A pass occurs when the overtaking athlete’s front wheel passes the leading edge of the athlete being overtaken. Failure to complete a pass within 20 seconds will result in a drafting violation.
  • – Once overtaken, the rider must fall back 7m before attempting to regain the lead.
  • – Be gracious to your fellow competitors. If you are overtaken, do not feel compelled to re-pass unless you are confident you can hold the lead until the finish.
  • – No blocking or impeding the forward progress of other athletes.
  • – No parking west of the start line

Final sign off and remember, tonight you may be tired but tomorrow you will be one day stronger!

Ride on.