Swet Haus MIVA Spins – Moving to Wednesdays

Written By on January 28, 2016

The always-sold-out MIVA $5 SWET HAUS spins are moving! From next week (Weds Feb 3) until March 16th, these will be WEDS NIGHTS @ 7pm!

A few important things to get out of the way regarding the spins, signing up, and ETIQUETTE!

1) These are a special deal for MIVA members only. If you are a paid MIVA member, you first have to contact Jacqui or Matt so they can enter you in their system. This allows you to easily register online from there on out. Call them at 250-585-2035, well ahead of time, or use their contact form here.

2) Now you’re in their system. Time to get booked! Click here Select your spin, sign in. Pay online or select unpaid and pay upon arrival. There is a 12 hour cancellation policy. No-shows WILL have a $10 fee added to their account that must be paid before their next ride.

3) SPIN NIGHT: The doors open at 6:45pm, no sooner! There are other classes going on before MIVA’s, please show our sponsors respect by not breaking down the door at 625.

4) IN THE DOOR: Do NOT just race by the front desk, this isn’t your garage. EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN with the front desk person, even if you have already paid. Pretty standard etiquette here, wait in line, smile, make small talk, pay/check in, and carry on. This extra 60 seconds will not ruin your workout.

5) FRESH GEAR: we all can admit to pushing our jerseys a ride or two past the point of washing them, which is fine when riding solo. But when you are with 15 other Swetters in closed confines, we are all breathing in that stink. Another easy one here: wear clean gear 🙂

6) Sign up for another spin class during the week to maximize it, once a week is nice but to maximize the efforts you are putting in now is the time to HIT IT HARD.

Thank you again to huge MIVA sponsor the Swet Haus for generously setting these up!