Written By on February 23, 2012

The editor was looking for a strapless heart rate monitor for his wife as the normal ones with a chest belt-mounted transmitter did not pick up her pulse (for a variety of reasons we won’t go into!). So the usual search using Google was done. All the devices that came up were wrist mounted, many with a variety of functions, most of which she didn’t need. They also required that one or both fingers be applied to the monitor to get a reading, which would stay on the display for up to fifteen  seconds and then disappear. None of them were able to provide a continuous readout.

However, one showed up that did indeed give the ongoing heart rate and which was worn on the forearm or even the wrist. It is Impact Sports Technologies  epulseSee a full review of this innovative HRM here.

Check with your LBS to see if they carry these monitors or can get one in for you. If not, you can buy here.