Sprint Clinic June 20

Written By on June 12, 2016

Building on the idea surrounding our Monday night Development rides, on Monday June 20 we will be running a sprint clinic.

Sprinting or Match sprinting is usually a track cycling event for between two to four riders over a short distance.  For our purposes we will be using Maxey road where two riders will flip a coin to decide who leads and then sprint the 300m back to the finish line just before Durnin road.  The lead rider can choose to choose to ride slow and force the other rider to move in front allowing them to draft and save energy for the final sprint.  Alternatively, the lead rider can also choose to drop the hammer from the start and try to out pace their opponent for the entire distance.

If there are enough riders we will run team sprints where four riders take the course working in teams of two.  In team sprints one rider will typically do the majority of the work and pulling their team mate to the line where they can then accelerate to cross the line first at a much higher speed than if they were riding alone.

Any riders interested will meet up at six pm at the NIC, from there we’ll take a short warm up ride up Jingle pot road and down East wellington to Maxey road.  After a brief safety and coaching speech there will be a demonstration and opportunity for all riders to have a try at it.

Again everyone is welcome to come out.  Sprinting is a great way to work on your fitness and speed with lots of short, high intensity effort with time to recover while the next riders give it a go.

Friday Sprints-95.jpg

Hope to see you out there.