Rain Rain Stayed Away

Written By on May 31, 2018

A small (by this years standards) turn out of 17 racers for tonights 15km time trial.  The weather didn’t look promising as I could see rain around the top and back of Mount Benson before heading out to the start.  But as they say if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes.  As riders started to arrive and warm up the sun came out and the road dried up.  Not bad considering Gary Argyle who showed up at five thirty reported getting soaked at the turn around during his pre-ride/warm up.

A steady headwind slowed most riders on the way out to the turn tonight.  Fortunately though it remained steady and was a handy tailwind to balance the ride out.  Most riders though posted average or slightly slower than usual times as they burned more matches on the way out than usual.

Full Results are here

Thanks to Steve for manning the turn around, Matt for calling the start list and Jesse for holding at the start.


While you might blame the chance of rain for the small turnout it’s more likely the plethora of events surrounding this week that has people at home relaxing.  Most notably the Robert Cameron Law Series this weekend in Victoria which is also the Canadian Nationals Masters championship race.

Good Luck to all our members racing this weekend.


Next weeks time trial will be 20km **Run Backwards**

That’s right.  We will be starting at the far end of Nanaimo River road and turning around where we normally start.  Most of our regulars are very familiar with this course, with all its little or big climbs and know how to pace themselves accordingly.  This is going to be a chance to shake up the pace and see if putting the climb closer to the start finish will shake up the standings