MIVA SPRINT SERIES – Race 1, May 8th, 2015

Written By on May 9, 2015

The first event in the NVA sprint series was a blast! Although only four competitors took part, there was also a mini contest with two kids competing and Patrick Burnham showed up to take some photos that will be up on Flickr. shortly.. Nick Kupiak came to watch and offered one of his new bottles as a prize – thanks Nick. We also had a local resident take some pictures.

The event went straight to the semi-finals, with Kim Sutherland racing against Carey Mark in the first of three heats. Kim won handily, with Carey just failing to get onhis wheel in the final 200 metres. Then Justin Mark competed against Phil Birrer in the first heat of the other semi-final. This time, it was Justin comfortably beating Phil.

Before the second heats in the semi competition, it was the kids’ turn. Peyton Mark and Chase Mark started their first sprint from the 200 metre mark and Chase edged his sister by a good margin.

In the second round of the semis, Kim again beat Carey but this race was much closer, with Carey drafting her opponent until fading just before the fiishfinishline. In the other semi-final, Phil started the sprint early but JasonJustin came around Mr. Birrer in the last 100 metres to take the race and move on to the finals with Kim.

Now the second of the kids’ sprints took place and this time Peyton managed to outdistance her older brother so it was now one each.

In the first final ride for first and second, Justin won quite easily from Kim, giving Mr. Sutherland an incentive to provide more of a challenge to the younger rider which he did in heat two. However, although Kim managed to draft Justin and came through in the final few metres, Justin just managed to stay ahead by half a bike length to win the first event of the series, Kim taking second overall.

Everyone enjoyed the evening a lot and next week should prove to be more popular, with many more competitors.

In the contest for third and fourth, Phil was matched against Carey and managed to take two straight, giving him third place. Finally, the deciding race of the kids series proved to be a nail biter, Chase, on the bigger bike rode well, but Peyton revved at 100+ rpm to stay ahead of her brother and be declared winner of the first kids’ sprint event.


Senior Contest:  1. JasonJustin Mark – BCBR, 2. Kim Sutherland – MIVA, 3. Phil Birrer – MIVA, 4. Carey Mark – Steed Cycles.

Youth Event: 1. Peyton Mark, 2. Chase Mark.