Written By on December 28, 2011

The Duke Point Highway (DPH) in Nanaimo, leading from the Trans Canada Highway just south of Chase River to the ferry terminal is a beautiful stretch of divided highway, ideal for cycling. Unfortunately, when a ferry is arriving or departing, there is a large amount of fast-moving traffic on this well-paved road. Trying to fit in any competitive events between the scheduled ferry times is not a good idea.

The climb just past the turn of the 15km TT course.

However, a few days ago, one of the ferries hit the Duke Point ramp pretty hard and, as a result, the terminal is closed for the next three weeks and there will be no surges of traffic on the connecting route. This presents a wonderful opportunity for holding a time trial on the DPH.

MIVA is measuring a 15km out-and back course and will hold a time trial on New Year’s Day. Start time will be 11am, with registration at 10.40am just a few hundred metres past where the road goes over the Trans Canada Highway. All who are interested in riding on this beautiful course should take the opportunity to do so on January 1st. a this may be the only time that this will be possible.