Written By on December 28, 2011

The editor (and event Organiser) spent some time on Wednesday morning looking for safe start, turn-around and finish locations. Since it’s New Year’s and most participants will have put on a few kilos over the holidays, it was decided to have a downhill start so the added weight will aid in much-needed momentum, a turn round at traffic lights so that no-one has any excuse for missing it and riding on into the Georgia Strait, and a finish before the steep climb up to the overpass.

Course details as follows: Start will be at the short lay-by just before the overpass at beginning of Duke Point Highway, turn at end of median and just before the entrance to the long term car park (Coned), finish just after the Cedar Road bridge. Distance is almost exactly 15 kilometres.

Registration is just by the start at 10.40am and first rider off at 11.01am  (no tent as we don’t want to attract undue attention). Suggest that participants park at Chase River Shopping Centre by Tim Hortons.

If anyone whom you suspect to be in official capacity – RCMP, Transportation BC, papal delegate, etc. – apprehends a participant, the rider should simply claim to be  inspecting the road for debris, weeds, garbage, etc. as the club is considering looking after the Duke Point Highway as a part of the “Adopt a Highway” progamme.

By the Way, MIVA male Best All Rounder for last season, Don Gillmore, is riding so there should be a pretty fast time for the other riders to aim at.

Course map here