MIVA/RCC 20K TT Results

Written By on May 25, 2018

MIVA held the 2nd  interclub challenge last night and it was epic!  Weather was near perfect for the 20K event on Nanaimo River Road.  However sometimes stuff (shit) just happens and you do your best to deal with it.  Our timing system had a glitch last night so we could not give any results after the race.  😞  But have no fear Patrick had done some major sleuthing in strava and other methods to tabulate the results of lastnight.  Thanks Patrick!


For the men PB’s all around – James Sage rocked the 20K in 28:22 followed quickly by Sean Lunny in 29:30 and Stephen Mohan in 31:26


For the women – Janna Gillick dominated with 31:14 , in 2nd with a PB for Lorrie Baildham in 33:11 and in 3rd  by Angelina Landry making her debut in the TT with a very FAST 33:38


10 Personal Bests

Lee Zavarise

Menno Jognsma

Eric Byres

Fabian Poulin

James Sage

Sean Lunny

Stephen Mohan

Lorrie Baildham

Jamie Ollsen

Wendy Hicks




Full results for the 20k here:


Team scores here:


Current series standings results here:





Thank you to our volunteers Steve Ollsen for doing the turn around and Deb Epps for sending off the riders.

See you next week for the 15K on NRR