Miva/Coal City Criterium #8

Written By on June 6, 2017

Racing in Sunshine on a Tuesday night.  Definitely a welcome change from what we’re used to seeing.  A small turn out with only 15riders taking the line. Not surprising considering all the events that took place this weekend.  The highlight of which from a road cycling perspective was the Robert Cameron Law Series in Victoria.  We had quite a few members down to participate and spectate; including Janna Gillick who took third in the final Sprint of the criterium and third overall in the Omnium.
Robert Cameron Crit-85.jpg
We ran a 35 lap race with two Primes, the first Prime went off after 12laps and went to Nick Kupiak and his new chainrings.  We rang the bell for the second Prime with 9laps to go before the finish.  Chris Cameron dropped the hammer and showed the young guns how it’s done, making it look easy as he took the sprint.  After that things settled down while everyone recovered and planned for the final sprint.  It was a close finish with Nick taking the win over Liam

I have to apologize, I totally forgot to hand out prizes for the Primes at the end of the race, so Nick and Chris will definitely have to come out for next weeks race which will be a Points race.

Full Results and Lap Times Here

A points race for those who don’t know is a race where there is a sprint every five laps with points awarded to the first three riders over the line.  Points are double on the final lap, but the final finishing position for the riders is based on total points earned through out the race.  So in theory the race winner could be the tenth rider over the line on the last lap if they won enough sprints throughout the race.

It’s definitely a fun race to watch so even if you’re not interested in racing you should still come out to watch and cheer, or volunteer and help out.

Thanks again to our volunteers Rachel, Jim, Peter, Lorrie and Kiyomi who have all been entered for a chance to win a brand new set of Easton EC90 wheels worth over $2000.
Robert Cameron Crit-7.jpg