MIVA/Coal City Crit #13 Points Crit

Written By on July 18, 2017

A perfect night for a bike race.  Tonight we had 16 riders take the line for a 40 lap points Crit.  With sprints and points every 5 laps Norms suggestion of 39 neutral laps was quickly forgotten as he shot off the front on lap 3.  The pack quickly reeled him in and lined up for the first sprint which was taken by James sage followed by John Lam with the junior rider from Comox, Connor McGrady, taking the third spot.

Chris James and John would cover the majority of the remaining sprints making it a close race.

The lap 20 sprint was neutralized as a rider crashed in the top corner one lap before and the racers sat up to make sure he was ok.

17 pts James Sage

16pts Jon Lam

11pts Chris Cameron

4pts Kevin Park

3pts Nate Walsh

2pts Iain Hay

1pt Connor McGrady

Wade Luksay

Kevin Park

Norm Thibault

Brett Whitehead

Phill Birrer

Lee Zavarise

Larry Dicker

Maxime Therrien

Patrick Burnham

Mark Wieler

Lap times can be found here


We also had Eric Byres one of our long time club members come out tonight with his grand daughter Aleah who was selling home made cinnamon buns to raise fund for the Kids International Development Society , the funds raised are going to purchase low cost bicycles for Cambodian children so they can attend school.


Next week will be our final Crit of the season.  Following the race there will be a social at Whitesails.  As always everyone is more than welcome to come watch and cheer.

As always these races simply couldn’t happen without the help of our volunteers.  All of whom have been entered into a draw for not one but two sets of shiny new wheels.  The second set of wheels added to our prize pool comes courtesy of Coal City Cycles and is a Cross ready set of disc brake Vision Wheels.