Written By on July 21, 2015

As there were only eleven signed on it was decided to precede the
regular criterium with a sprint series and heats were made up
reflecting the range of ability and experience.
The first heat saw Brodie Hay (Dr. Walker) winning from Wade
Lucksay and son Evan, who showed he already has good bike
-handling skills. Heat two saw Nick Kupiak (Broad Street Cycles)
matched against newbie Angelina Landry (MIVA) and visitor John
Stuart (W. Of Quebec Wheelers). Who was fresh from the Tour
of Rimouski. At the top of the circuit, John crashed and was unable to
do a re-ride. Then one of the other competitors, who had previously
raised concerns about the safety of the course, complained again
and so the sprints were curtailed and a shorte3ned criterium was
James and Mark Grant (LUMA) immediately took off at a blistering
pace, splitting the field apart and by the end of the race, had lapped
the rest of the racers, some two or three times.
Thanks to Steve Grant for administering first aid and to Sean De Pol
for cones pick-up.