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The first annual MIVA Youth and Masters’ Omnium will be held on Gabriola Island on August 16-17. On-line registration will be open shortly. The technical guide for the event follows.


List of Contents

1.Omnium Rules and Seeding for Categories

2.Entry Fees

3.Registration and Race Number Pick up

4.Prologue Time Trial


6.Road Race

7.Protocol / Awards Ceremony

8. Accommodation


10.Ferry Information










1. Omnium Rules

The Gabriola Omnium is a series of three events, open to all youth (under 19) and to all master category riders.

There will be three or four performance-based categories, depending on number of entries. The category for each rider is determined by results in the prologue time trial. Category sizes will be roughly equal and determined by prologue finishing times.

Points will be awarded for finishing positions in each category as follows:
6 for first, 5 for second, 4 for third, 3 for fourth, 2 for fifth, and all other finishers get 1 point.

Points for the prologue will be determined after the categories have been composed

Overall results and awards will be based on total points accumulated for all events started

1.a Entry Fees
NB: we are keeping the entry fees low to compensate for the ferry fee.

Youth under 19
Masters 30 plus
Day of
Day of
road race
All Three


2. Registration and Race Number Pick-up

All riders must have a UCI licence or a BC permit. One day licences will be available at the race HQ at The Commons.
Riders may pre-register on-line after July 10th. Details to follow
Riders may register on Saturday morning before 11.30am at race HQ
Riders will be provided with two body numbers and a frame number
Frame number should be attached to seat post with zip ties
for prologue time trial, one number on lower back
for criterium and road race two numbers, worn as shown

With flat pinning, you skip the pre-punched holes on the numbers and go straight through the paper/fabric. This helps keep them completely flat against your jersey so they don’t flap in the wind! If you choose to use four pins, you will pin through the four corners of the number. If you choose to use eight pins, you’ll pin through the four corners plus each of the four sides. It depends on how strict you are about a super aerodynamic number. Stick the pin down through the number, through your jersey, back into and up through your jersey, and through the number again before closing the pin. BTW crinkling the numbers will help them to fit flush against you, so more aero..




3. Prologue Time Trial, 1pm Saturday

The prologue time trial is a 6.2 kilometre out and back event on Berry Point Road
Start order will be random, at one minute intervals
Only standard road bikes will be permitted – no tt bikes, no clip-ons or other aero accessories.
4. Criteriums, Saturday evening. D at 6pm, C at 6.30pm, B at 7.05pm, A at 7.50pm

Criterium circuit is an 850m rectangular course starting on Stephens Road, Right on Pat Burns Road, Right on Penty Avenue, Right on Duthie Avenue and Right back onto Stephens Road

Each category will ride a separate race as outlined in the timetable.
Category A. 45 minutes
Category B 35 minutes
Category C 25 minutes
Category D 20 minutes

One free lap will be allowed for a mechanical, a flat or a crash until five laps to go. Involved rider(s) must report to the pit area near the start by the quickest route but may not ride the circuit in reverse.

Riders may only replace wheels with their own spares – wheel in, wheel out. All spares must be clearly labelled with name and number.

Lapped riders may be removed and must leave the race when requested.
5. Road Race

Circuit is clockwise, starting opposite The Commons on North Road, down along North Road to Silver Beach and then return on North Road, up Brickyard and then finish just east of police station. Categories will do circuits including Ferne Road as follows:

Each category will start separately and complete laps as follows:
Category A 10am, 76km, loop plus three circuits Ferne Rd/Tait Rd.
Category B 10.05am 59kim, loop plus two circuits Ferne Rd/Tait Rd.
Category C 10,15am 42km, loop plus one circuit Ferne Rd/Tait Rd.
Category D 10.20am 25km, 1 loop

Riders in one category may not ride with rider(s) or groups from another category.

KOM: For each category, 3.3 and 1 point will be awarded for the first rider up Ferne Road on each lap and on Brickyard Hill on final run in.

A spares vehicle may be provided for one or more categories. Riders must provide their own wheel(s) and clearly label them.

6. Protocol and Awards Presentation
Presentation of awards for Saturday events will be at The Commons after the last criterium. Presentation of awards for the road races and for the Omnium medallists in each category will take place at The Commons after the finish of the road races.

All those receiving awards are expected to be present, wearing their club clothing. No caps or sunglasses please. Stay in position on the podium for photos.
NB. if you need to catch an early ferry, please let registration know on arrival and we will arrange for you to pick up any awards.


7. Accommodation

Bed and Breakfast on Gabriola
goto for full details

Camping on Gabriola
Descanso bay Regional Park

Nanaimo Hotels
Howard Johnson Hotel, Comox Road (opposite Tim Horton)
Check on-line for several other motels and hotels


In School Car Park
in Commons Car Park

NB, Do not park in Shopping Centre or in any of the parking designated for local businesses, cafes etc., or in the Ferry Car Park.