Written By on December 29, 2011

The eRace Cancer Cycling Team is  an Ontario based cycling team created to raise money for Cancer research. They hope to make a little difference through their cycling and fund-raising efforts. The team members will race across all cycling disciplines : Mountain Biking, Road and Cyclocross. The riders must be all licensed Ontario riders . The team will raise funds from Corporate and Private sponsor / donors . Fund raising efforts will benefit cancer research.

This is how it all started:  From Lori Kofman

“Pete and I have decided to change our focus for next year and add a new dimension to our racing; that is, instead of going fast purely for our own indulgence, we have created a team dedicated to raising money for a charity, the Princess Margaret Hospital. After losing Pete’s Dad a year ago to esophageal cancer, we wanted to funnel our energies in a meaningful way. To that end, we have garnered support from a number of corporate sponsors who want to back the efforts of our cause. Our new team, E-RACE CANCER . If you are interested, please contact  Lori Kofman or Peter Kofman at:

We currently have 6 riders and are looking for about 5 more . If you are a licensed rider in Ontario racing Mountain , Road or Cyclocross and need a team affiliation for 2012 please consider racing for us”.