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MIVA 20K TT – Point to Point – Fast and Furious

Written By on July 20, 2018

WOW… MIVA/Arrowsmith Bikes debuted a 20K point to point  TT tonight, starting at the far end of Nanaimo River Road and racing east towards the Island Highway.  No turn arounds and mostly downhill so what’s not to like.   The 13 riders came away with some smokin fast times  🚴 💨.     First place James Sage averaged 45.48 km/hr … that’s POWER!   Top 3 men: James Sage                  26:23 Stephen Mohan           29:01 Matthys Redelinguys   29:38   Top 3 women: Lorrie Baildham           31:31 Tamara Zavarise          33:58 Jamie Ollson                34:24   Full results here:   Big thanks? Read More

MIVA/Arrowsmith Northwood HC #2

Written By on July 17, 2018

HOT🔥 night for the MIVA/Arrowsmith Bikes Hill Climb #2 up Jameson Road to the top of Northwood.   A definite lung buster for the 12 racers. Prize The winner of a sweet pair of MIVA socks was Jamie Ollson for coming within 1 second of her predicted time.  That’s impressive! Top 3 men Sean Lunny    6:48 James Sage    7:12 Joel Lutz         7:31 Top 3 women Lorrie Baildham   8:43 Jamie Ollson        8:49 Mary Hulti            9:38 See full results here: Thanks to Patrick, Lee Zavarise for timing and Graeme Copp for holding. Next week is Malaspina Hill Climb off Hammond Bay.  See? Read More

It was a cooker!

Written By on July 13, 2018

It was a hot one last night at the MIVA/Rock City Cycles 40K TT.   With temps in the high 20’s and wind,  hydration was a factor.   Its always tricky to get the pacing right when you are doubling the distance.   Some riders were experiencing muscle cramps and others complained of legs on fire!   We had a guest from Vancouver Christian Hansen who rocked the TT even when he had a flat at the half way point.  Thinking quick he did a wheel change,  got back in the race and came in 2nd with an amazing time. Despite the heat 2? Read More

MIVA/Arrowsmith Hill Climb #1 – Witchcraft

Written By on July 10, 2018

Perfect night for the first Arrowsmith Hill Climb up to Witchcraft Lake.  Great turnout as 14 riders competed against the hill for the fastest times. Prize The winner of a sweet pair of MIVA socks was James Sage for coming within 6 seconds of his estimated time. Top 3 men James Sage 8:49 Joel Lutz   8:54 Robin Dutton 9:04   Top 3 women Lorrie Baildham 10:07 Jamie Ollson 10:25 Nadia Plamondon 11:55   Thanks to Patrick, Peter McCaffery and Lee Zavarise for timing and Graeme Copp for holding. See full results here: More pics from Patrick at  ? Read More

Some like it HOT!

Written By on July 6, 2018

Talk about a complete opposite of last week’s 12 degrees, it was hot and humid lastnight at the MIVA /Rock City Cycles 20K TT.  The small group of riders battled a headwind on the way out to the turn around with most feeling the effects on the return.  One rider however did achieve a personal best   Congrats to: Gary Argyle   Prize The winner of a sweet pair of MIVA socks was yours truly for coming within 6 seconds of my estimated time.  I personnally thank Gary as I was trying hard to catch him!   Results Top 3? Read More


Written By on June 29, 2018

Dodgey weather forecast with threatending skies kept alot of racers away but it was dry on NRR lastnight for the MIVA/Rock City Cycles 20K TT.  Although the temperature dipped to 12 degrees that didn’t stop some from achieving a personal best   Congrats to: Craig Rutherford Peter Richards Matthys Redelinguys   Prize The winner of the Rock City gift card was Peter Richards for coming within 2 seconds of his estimated time.  Way to go Peter!   Results Top 3 men: James Sage dominated in a time of 28:58 followed by Matthys Redelinguys with a speedy time of 31:46 and? Read More

Grafton Love 😍

Written By on June 21, 2018

What a fantastic night for the MIVA Rock City Cycles 15K Time Trial held on Grafton Road.  With almost no wind to battle and some freshly paved blacktop the 19 riders achieved some smoking fast times.     All the riders who did the first 15K TT on Grafton back in May achieved a personal best on the course tonight. A whopping 14 PB’s. Congrats to: Jack Mace Mary-Jo Mace Fabian Poulin Tamara Zavarise Al Shirley Jamie Ollison Lorrie Baildham Patrick Burnham Paul Connor Stephen Mohan Lee Zavarise Iain Hay Andrew Speed James Sage   A prize (MIVA socks) went? Read More

MIVA Rock City Cycles 40K TT Action

Written By on June 15, 2018

The rain was threatening and we felt a few drops but it held off for the  MIVA/Rock City Cycles 40K Interclub challenge.  Unfortunately a few of the team riders could not make it so luckily others were able to step in for them. The season of time trials were paying off in spades for some of the riders who came away with a PB on the course. Congrats to: Stephen Mohan Mattys Rhedelinghuys Gary Argyle Paul Callow   One of the most difficult races to pace yourself the 40K TT.   Some riders were able to achieve a negative split? Read More

MIVA/ Rock City Cycles 20K TT results

Written By on June 7, 2018

While the temperature dipped we lucked out as the dark clouds and rain stayed away for the MIVA/RCC 20K TT tonight.  Like an espisode of Stranger Things and the upside down we switched things up and ran the event “backwards” starting and ending at the far end near the yellow gate.  Unfortunately I think the looming rain kept a few riders away but a total of 12 hardy racers came out to try and beat their 20K times. For the Men  James Sage hammered out a  time of 28:50 followed by Devon Norris in 31:27 and Stephen Mohan in 32:32? Read More

MIVA/RCC 20K TT Results

Written By on May 25, 2018

MIVA held the 2nd  interclub challenge last night and it was epic!  Weather was near perfect for the 20K event on Nanaimo River Road.  However sometimes stuff (shit) just happens and you do your best to deal with it.  Our timing system had a glitch last night so we could not give any results after the race.  😞  But have no fear Patrick had done some major sleuthing in strava and other methods to tabulate the results of lastnight.  Thanks Patrick!   For the men PB’s all around – James Sage rocked the 20K in 28:22 followed quickly by Sean? Read More