In 2016 MIVA has again surpassed expectations with record numbers in our group rides as well as races, in its 6th year. To date MIVA has 151 members. The Monday Night Rides (6pm@NIC) have proven to be very successful, with 3 pace groups often heading out up Jingle Pot Road. Tuesday evenings are Crit nights at Boxwood, Wednesday nights are intermediate rides from RCC, and Thursday is time trial night on Nanaimo River Road. We’d love to have you out!

In 2015 MIVA grew from 95 members (2014) to 120 members. MIVA held 14 TTs, 12 Crits, and 5 hill climbs. On top of this we hosted the Spring Challenge Ride and the Mt Washington Hill Climb. Over our 31 events we had 440 total race entries. The Hill Climb Series was our biggest gain as we averaged 23 racers a night, up from averaging 7 in 2015. The largest jump was in female competitors going from 7 total entries last year, to 40 this year. The TT’s also set records with 25 racers per night (up from 19). Over the past 5 years MIVA has hosted 86 time trials with almost 1300 entries.

The highlight of the year was the My Little Pony Cross race where we shattered our attendance record with 284 racers and hosted a very successful event as part of the Cross On The Rock series. It was a challenge year but a strong board and dedicated membership made it a huge success. Some highlights of 2015, we rolled out a new gear design, we increased attendance in all events, we covered the club insurance wise, and we established a first class spin studio to host MIVA spins (Swet Haus). We saw the seasons pass ($50) as a huge success, and we held more social gatherings such as the summer social and the Cross Night Social. Mike McCarney took the reigns and re-invented the Monday Night Developmental Rides and took them to another level. We are also proud to see women form the core of our club with a very dedicated group coming out week after week.

The Mid Island Velo Association grew out of the OBB Wheelers – Nanaimo -series of week night races run since 2008 by ex– Brits, Dave Kenny and Peter McCaffery. Over eighty riders took part in these well organised events and at the end of the 2010 season, Aussie import, Tony Winter, and local triathlete and avid road cyclist Iain Hay, got together with Peter and Dave to discuss forming a new club that would unite cyclists from various small interest groups to form a club that would better serve the interests of road racing in the mid Vancouver Island region.


In the fall of 2010, a general meeting was held and a steering committee was chosen to set up the new club. A name was chosen, clothing designs were submitted, and at the second general meeting in January, 2011, Mid Island Velo Association – MIVA – was officially formed with a board of directors and a mission statement that reflects the club’s road, track and cyclo-cross interests, with a strong emphasis on youth development.  The first president of MIVA was Peter McCaffery. Club directors were Philip Birrer, Iain Hay, Ross Palfery, and Kyle Waring.  The debut season of 2011 proved to be a huge success, as 128 racers took part in the time trial series on Nanaimo River Road.  The Criterium races on the great Boxwood Road circuit also turned out to be very popular, attracting participants from Victoria, Duncan and Comox Valley.


In 2013  Janna Gillick spearheaded the Monday Night Rides, aimed at bringing more riders out and making beginners feel more comfortable.  These proved to be a huge success with upwards of 30 cyclists coming out at times.


The 2014 season saw a huge increase in attendance to the crits, bringing in 20+ racers on any given Tuesday at Boxwood.  The time trials have grown exponentially in the past 4 years, from 128 race entries in 2011 up to 381 race entries in 2014!

The 2017  MIVA Board includes:

Mike McCarney: President

Director: Patrick Burnham

Director: Patrick Burnham

Phil Birrer: Treasurer Photo: P Burnham

Phil Birrer: Treasurer
Photo: P Burnham


Director: Shep Stewart (photo coming)

Director: Lee Zavarise (photo coming)

Director: Kiyomi Schulz (photo coming)

Director: Lorrie Baildham (photo coming)

Director: Carole Phee (photo coming)

Director: Brad Temple (photo coming)



If you would like to know more about MIVA please drop us a line at miva.president at gmail.com

Mailing address: Box 731 STN A, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5M2
MIVA Logo 3


MIVA would also like to thank all past board members, as your tireless work and dedication to cycling in the mid island will always be appreciated:

Kyle Waring
Iain Hay
Charlene Hay
Janna Gillick
Don Gillmore
Ross Palfery
Peter McCaffery
Menno Jongsma
Nick Kupiak
Matt Evans
Corey Friesen
Cheryl Morch
Jason Hare
Ron Hewitson


See you up the road.